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  • A blend of quality and

    We are a fresh chilled Sea Food processor and exporter in the form of
    loins, whole fish, gilled and gutted fish, and head gutted and gilled.

  • Introducing : Seafood Sausages

    Lihini Seafoods Introduces Premium Fish Sausages Locally.
    Introducing our newest sensation: Premium Fish Sausages! Delight your taste buds with a savory fusion of quality fish and tantalizing spices.

  • Premium Tuna Exporter: Ocean's Finest Catch

    Experience the pinnacle of quality with our premium tuna exports, sourced fresh from the depths of pristine oceans worldwide.
    Indulge in the rich flavors and unmatched freshness of our sustainably harvested tuna, delivered straight from sea to table with care.

  • Ocean's Finest Selections: Premier Seafood Delights

    Embark on a culinary journey with our premier seafood, meticulously sourced and curated for unparalleled freshness and superior quality.

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Lihini Seafood (Pvt) Ltd is owned and operated by Lihini Group of Companies. Group company directors have a rich history in processing and distributing high quality seafood product. Specialising in high end, top quality seafood products for the international industry. The Company is proud of its record and reputation for adhering to the highest standards of sustainability, occupational health and safety, hygiene and energy efficiency.